JSYF Presents

What is JSYF Presents?

JSYF Presents is our outside programming component of our Foundation.  The goal of JSYF Presents is to provide a regular schedule of programs for youth throughout Fort McMurray.

Why JSYF Presents

In the fall of 2010 we surveyed hundreds of Fort McMurray students to see what kind of programs they want and what was holding them back from getting involved.  You spoke and we listened.  JSYF Presents is designed to address issues like transportation, cost and youth input.  JSYF Presents brings the programs close to where you live and offers them at no cost.

JSYF Presents also actively encourages youth involvement.  You’re the reason we’re there and we value your participation and feedback.  We want you to test out our programs, have fun and let us know what you think.

The vision for JSYF Presents is a full schedule of programs and activities for teens that are fun, easy to get to and that don’t cost you an arm and a leg.

We know all youth are different and we strive to make our programs and activities reflects this.  Whether it’s expressing yourself through paint in a park, showing off your skills at a Skate Jam  or planning a trip outside of Fort McMurray, JSYF Presents has something that’s right for you.


To learn how you can get involved , or for more information about JSYF Presents or the Justin Slade Youth foundation

You can also check out our Calendar for program schedule and learn more about specific activities in the Programming (Arts, Sports, Special Events) section.

Come check out JSYF Presents and learn about what we can offer you.