The Justin Slade Youth Foundation


Who We Are

Our mission is to empower youth.

The Justin Slade Youth Foundation is targeted at youth aged 12-17.

A registered non-profit charity, we provide youth with both organized programming and a casual drop-in service, as well as valuable opportunities for social interaction and community engagement.
The Justin Slade Youth Foundation was formed in November 2004 when a tragic car accident took the life of 21-year-old Justin Slade. The death of this young man left a lasting legacy on those who knew him. Justin’s zest for life and his desire to make a difference inspired his parents to develop a youth project to continue what meant the most to Justin – helping others.


At the Justin Slade Youth Foundation we believe:
Empowered youth are free to make positive life choices.
Every opportunity starts with an open door
Respect for self and others contributes to a healthy community/environment
Humility enables recognition
There is value in everyone’s contribution